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The first time I shared my mental health story via video

I pulled this video from my "archives" (2018) - it was the first time I ever went live and talked about my own mental health journey and experiences. The following year I went on to start my business, become a Mental Health First Aid trainer and now I speak about mental health every single day.

I remember this day very clearly. I went "live" from the heart very early in the morning before the start of my work day. I had no script and nothing planned so this isn't a very "polished" talk.

Close to the beginning I share that I feel nervous. At this point in my career I was speaking to large audiences on conference stages and in workplaces but not about a topic that was "personal".

I received a lot of very positive feedback from this video and this was the start of me moving into my current field and talking about mental health and well being every day.

In 2019 I received my Mental Health First Aid (MHFA) instructor certification, began teaching courses in person and virtually almost every week, and never looked back!


Hi, I'm Alison and welcome to the blog. Here I share tips, ideas and stories of mental and physical well being.

I have been a speaker and trainer for 17 years. I offer Mental Health First Aid in Canada and work with corporate and community groups to deliver training on mental well being, stress management, self-care and more!

Be sure to connect with me on IG @alisonbutlernl or on LinkedIn.

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