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The Energy Answer

goodbye overwhelm. hello energy

If you feel like...

  • there’s always too much on your plate and there’s never time to do anything FUN…

  • life is a little BLAH and you don’t have any energy to do the things for you…

  • you are feeling burned out and overwhelmed in your work day


and you WANT to feel like ...

  • you have ENERGY...

  • you have easy-to-use tools to help with managing your schedule, saying no, getting clear on your biggest priorities, dealing with the negative self-talk, what to do when you “just don’t want to” and so much more...

  • you have encouragement and motivation to STICK to your plans!...

  • you’ve found the "me time" in your day you keep telling yourself you'll eventually get to …

  • you see a calm, happy version of YOU in the mirror every day...


Join the Energy Answer

Calm Sea

Private, exclusive

monthly audio workshops  with Alison

Listen from anywhere!

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Pay In Full 

(12 Months)

$14 / month

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Member Bonuses!

  • Exclusive discounts on Alison’s events and classes including virtual yin yoga classes and retreats!

  • PDF workbooks to go along with your audio workshops (not required, there for you if you work better with something on paper to guide you)

  • The option to upgrade to work with Alison 1-1 on specific challenge areas

  • Exclusive bonus audio interviews with experts related to health & wellness

How does it work?

  • subscribe and get private access to the Energy Answer audio feed through a private link you can add to your podcast feed. 

  • It's easy, you can listen from your phone on whatever podcast app you already use.


  • Don't use a podcast app?  Don't worry, we'll help you figure out which free app option is best for you & help you get started. 

  • Listen on your commute, driving your kids to school, doing laundry, waiting in line at the bank, while out for a lunchtime walk…wherever is most convenient for you!

  • Workshops will be delivered once a month but we'll have bonus content for you in-between!


About Alison

​Hi, I'm Alison!

I am:

  • a creator of online programs that support your mental wellbeing and self-care.

  • a mom of 2.

  • a certified Mental Health First Aid (MHFA) facilitator/instructor.

  • a conference keynote speaker and workplace trainer in mental wellbeing, burnout prevention, stress management, and self-care. 

My goal is to help you feel like the BEST version of you!


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