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Online Workshop

Strong Minds: Rethinking Wellness and Mental Health (For Business Owners)
Thursday, May 28th 

2:00 - 3:00 pm NST (12:30 - 1:30 EST)

(Workshop recording will be provided)

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About This Workshop

In 2017, Alison, a small business owner, mom and busy professional received a mental health diagnosis that turned her life upside down. She didn't understand her symptoms and didn't see the warning signs. This started an important journey that she feels needs to be talked about every day so that other business owners have a better understanding of mental health and don't feel alone when they are stressed or "don't feel like themselves". Today, Alison will tell you that her mental health diagnosis was one of the best things to ever happen to her both personally and as a business owner. The WHY is the focus of this 1 hour training session.


Why This Workshop Is For You:


  • We all have mental health. Understand more about signs, symptoms and other aspects of mental health, including some lesser known symptoms.  Alison will bring this to life by sharing personal stories of her own mental health symptoms and how she has made changes as a business owner.

  • REAL TALK about tools and supports for stress and mental health. We go beyond the standard "stress relief" concepts (exercise, breathing etc) to talk about what the journey might really look like, especially in challenging times.  


  • Learn the benefits of positive mental health as a business owner.

Did you know that approximately one half of entrepreneurs experience at least one mental health condition during their lifetimes?


Reasons Why Mental Health Should Be Your Priority As A Business Owner:

Stress can be high as a business owner.  You may feel like you are putting yourself last, or like all of the business priorities come first. There are many reasons for this, including: 

  • Business can be emotionally draining - early years in business can be alienating, stressful, there is often a lack of a support network.

  • Entrepreneurs are "the company"  - higher stakes, pressure to have all the answers, pressure to make the right decisions.

  • Identity and self-worth are connected to the company outcomes.

  • Financial risk and stress.

  • Possible Less focus on self-care.

  • Isolation - long hours, and often lack of understanding from family/friends.

  • Potential barriers to mental health resources (example: lack of Employee Assistance Program).


About Alison

Alison has 14 years of experience as a conference and event speaker and loves engaging with audiences and sharing ideas. She has been an entrepreneur since her early twenties and knows first hand the highs and lows of life as a small business owner and the importance of a healthy mind.


In 2017 Alison experienced her own mental health challenges and decided that there were not enough working professionals, entrepreneurs and mothers talking about mental health. She started the process to expand her existing consulting business and in 2019 became a Certified Mental Health First Aid Trainer through the Mental Health Commission of Canada.


Alison has a Bachelors degree in Marketing and Communications and a Masters degree in Employment Relations. She is very interested in employee wellness, health, safety and inclusion and is passionate about helping and supporting small business owners.

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