Making Wellbeing a priority

Support Group

Mental Health
First Aid

Standard 8 hour (virtual) or 12 hour (in person) certificate course with experienced facilitator Alison Butler. 

Training dates available to the public or choose a custom date for delivery in your workplace. 

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Online Training

Online Course * Coming Fall 2021

Build Your Foundations For Mental Wellbeing - this self-paced online program covers creating a personalized wellbeing plan, steps to take if you don't feel like the best version of yourself, stress management techniques, overcoming barriers to wellbeing and more. 

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Casual Meeting
Your Workplace Needs

Wellbeing Audits, Surveys & Focus Groups

Your workplace cares about the mental health & wellbeing of the team.


How do you know what their needs are for their mental health & wellbeing? You start at the beginning of the Psychological Health & Safety Standard with an audit, surveys and focus groups. 

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Training for your workplace or team

In person or virtual training customized for your team. Covering topics related to mental wellbeing, including supporting your mental health, self-care, stress management and more. 

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Podcast Interviews

Podcasts about Mental Wellbeing

Listen to podcast interviews with Alison as she speaks about mental health & wellbeing, her own story, mental wellbeing at work and much more!

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Mental Wellbeing Blog

Read posts to inspire new ideas to support your own mental wellbeing and personal stories about mental health and wellbeing. 


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Alison Butler is a certified Mental Health First Aid course instructor through the Mental Health Commission of Canada. She has been speaking and providing training to workplaces for 14 years and is passionate about starting conversations and creating change.

Alison also speaks about her own mental health experiences as a highly engaged employee in the workplace. She believes that the more conversations we can have around mental health, the more we can understand and support each other. 

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"I was wowed by her ability empathize & engage with her students.  Alison is open and relatable and her dedication to improving knowledge of mental health is evident during her lessons".  - JW

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"Alison was a positive leader, created a beautiful open space (even virtually) and taught through experience with poise" - GB

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"Alison was a great instructor for this course. You can tell that she is passionate about what she does, and I personally think that is very important in an instructor. She was helpful and positive and overall a wonderful instructor"

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"Alison is an incredible speaker & trainer. She made the Mental Health First Aid course practical, relevant and engaging, infused with her own personal experience" - KH

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"The energy & enthusiasm she brings to these sessions will keep you engaged and help you to be more receptive of the information. I recommend this training and Alison's services 100%" - JW

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"Welcoming - Warm, inviting vibe and attitude. Relatable - Shared her own experiences that helped us connect with her Fun - Wasn't afraid to laugh at
herself when she made mistakes


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