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Burnout To BoundariesWorkplace 

Burnout is both a workplace/organization concern AND an individual employee challenge.

Proactive workplaces are taking leadership steps to reduce work loads, increase role clarity, train leaders and improve psychological safety and training employees to understand the risks of burnout and equipping them with practical tools to find a healthy balance for mental wellbeing and productivity.

Training Delivery Options

Branch Shadow



Professional learning workshops  for your workplace team ranging from 2 hours to 1 day.


What you will learn

The Burnout to Boundaries™ workplace training covers:

  • building personal boundaries around time and technology use.

  • building a personalized plan to prevent burnout & support stress management.

  • encouraging burnout prevention with our co-workers and team members.

Delivery Format

 In person or virtually


For Individual Employees

The Burnout to Boundaries™ course is perfect for individual learning.


Think: audio book learning in small, actionable chunks. 


Participants receive regular email reminders and encouragement. 


 Users receive a digital course workbook and have access to a private podcast feed so they can consume content when & where they choose.

Delivery format
online, self-paced. 


scalable pricing based

on group size.


We've worked with

“Fantastic! Engaging, useful, timely, ample time to share/discuss/learn from others. Highly recommend!”


Alison Butler


Alison Butler, Chief Wellness Officer, is from Newfoundland and Labrador, Canada and has been speaking and providing training to workplaces for 20 years and is passionate about starting conversations about mental health and burnout and creating change in our workplaces.

Alison speaks about her own lived mental health experiences as a highly engaged employee in the workplace. She believes that the more conversations we can have, the more we can understand and support each other. 

She is also a certified Mental Health First Aid course instructor through the Mental Health Commission of Canada and a mom of 2. 

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Additional Training For Leaders

Practical training for people leaders to prevent burnout within their teams. 

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