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If you don't plan, how do you know where you're going? 


Start the new year off STRONG in this guided strategic planning workshop with Alison. 

Business ownership can get overwhelming and off-track when we are in reactive mode.  Now is the time to be PROACTIVE with our businesses and plan the future. 


It can also be hard (and boring) to carve out time to do this work on our own, so lets do it together!!


Wednesday, January 11

9:00 am - 3:00 pm 

Join a small, intimate group of business owners in a cozy, relaxed environment in downtown St. John's, NL.  

What you'll accomplish:

1. We'll review the work we're currently doing.  What's working, what's not working. 

2. We'll create our visions for the future - where do you want to go? are there new opportunities?

3. We'll take our visions and turn it into our 1 year and 3 year strategic plan with key goals outlined for getting there.


What's included:

Cozy, inspiring location to focus on planning

Facilitation by Alison along with a healthy dose of dream BIG attitude and motivation

Lunch, coffee and green juice







Strategic Planning Day 2023

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