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Workplace Wellness Training

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Available in person or online


In 2017, Alison Butler received a mental health diagnosis that left her spinning.  She didn't understand her symptoms and didn't see the warning signs.  This started an important journey that she feels needs to be talked about every day as a working professional.  Today, Alison will tell you that her mental health diagnosis was one of the best things to ever happen to her both personally and at work.

The WHY is the focus of this online training session for your staff team.


In Canada, one person in five will experience some challenge with their mental health in the course of a year.

In this session, Alison will use her skills in human resources, Mental Health First Aid, and her own personal mental health experiences as an employee, manager AND business owner to lead a dynamic session that will leave participants motivated and understanding that how they treat their MIND really does matter at work.

Learning Goals:

  • Share mental health as something that affects us all and bring this concept to life by sharing personal stories of mental health challenges as a working professional.


  • Discuss the importance of mental health as a priority area at work and talk about the human resources benefits of positive mental health in the workplace and how it can improve productivity.


  • Engage the audience to think about mental health in a real and relateable way that removes stigma and inspires participants to think in new ways about their own mental health.


  • Share easy tips and tools to improve both personal mental health and those in your "inner circle"

  • Participants gain new knowledge of mental health signs & symptoms and have reduced stigma around mental health at work for themselves and for co-workers, family & friends.


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