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3 Easy Tips To Reduce Screen Time and Distractions

With more things coming at us at work than maybe ever before, one of the things many of us struggle with is the constant distraction of our technology or the feeling that we always need to be "on".

This is something that I often work on with workplace teams and 1-1 clients as it can really help with productivity, feeling like you have more time in your day, time management and so much more.

Here are 3 easy tips to reduce screen time and eliminate distractions that I have implemented in my own life:

1. Turn off sound notifications - if your phone is pinging and dinging every time you get an e-mail, a text, a facebook message, an instagram notification or any other number of things you are going to be completely distracted.

Did you know that it takes an average of 23 minutes to get our brains back on track after a distraction? Think about how much lost time that means to our work over the course of a month or a year.

If you know you need to have a notification for a specific caller or phone number (for emergencies for example) you can usually set your phone to have a sound for this situation.

2. Turn off push notifications - you know what these are? It’s when notifications pop up on your screen telling you you got a message. Most social media platforms are designed to automatically have the push notifications turned on, but I have all of mine turned off. I have to physically go into each app, including e-mail to see that I have a message.

You can turn off push notifications by going into the settings for each app. Messages popping up on your screen regularly create a visual distraction and are designed to pull you in to the apps (that's the goal!) so make it harder for yourself by eliminating the temptation to look every time something pops up on the screen.

3. Put your phone away somewhere where it’s not visible to you during focused work or productivity times (in a drawer, purse, another room etc.)

This can take practice, especially if you are used to having your phone close.

See how much time you can gain back in your day by strategically eliminating distractions. I'd love to hear how this works for you.


Hi, I'm Alison and welcome to the blog. Here I share tips, ideas and stories of mental and physical well being.

I have been a speaker and trainer for 16 years. I offer Mental Health First Aid in Canada and work with corporate and community groups to deliver training on mental well being, stress management, self-care and more!

Be sure to connect with me on IG @alisonbutlernl or on LinkedIn.

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