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Workshops & Training

These workshops & training sessions can be customized for your group or team. 
Workshops generally range from 1 - 1.5 hours. 
Please connect with us for a pricing quote.

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Interactive Workshop

10 Ways To Make Time For Wellness In Your Busy Day

Feel like there's just no time or space for YOU in your life. In this workshop you will

  • Create a list of 10+ tangible tips/takeaways to support your own wellbeing and use these tips to create your own unique (personalized) wellness goals.

  • Identify and understand common excuses that get in our way of supporting our own physical and mental wellbeing, and how to work through these excuses toward resilience and wellbeing success.

  • Identify creative tools that you can use to find the unique wellness support you need. 


Presentation & Workshop

Preventing Burnout & Overwhelm

Learn to better manage your stress and PREVENT burnout in this interactive session. 

  • Learn what burnout looks like

  • Learn to understand and get to the root of your stressors

  • Learn how to identify the positive and negative ways you are coping with stress right now 

  • Learn to say no

  • Explore ways that help you cope with stressors in your life (there is no one size fits all solution)

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Strong Minds: Mental Wellbeing at Work

This presentation is designed to :

  • Share mental health as something that affects us all.

  • Discuss the importance of mental health as a priority area at work and talk about positive mental health in the workplace and how it can improve productivity and employee well-being.

  • Help remove stigma around mental health and inspire participants to think in new ways about their own mental wellbeing. 

  • Share easy tips and tools to improve your mental health & wellbeing. 

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