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After several years of teaching Mental Health First Aid and working with hundreds of employees across Canada in a wide variety of  sectors, I realized that we needed more practical tools to support stress and burnout at work. 

It's not enough to just talk about it, we need practical skills that support better mental wellbeing - at work and at home. 

Here you will find tools that focus on ACTION toward improved work-life balance. 

The Burnout Prevention Program

Are you ready to bring unique burnout prevention skills to your workplace?

  • More than one-third (35 per cent) of all working Canadians are feeling burned out.

  • 47% of working Canadians agree that their work is the most stressful part of their day.

  • Unaddressed burnout can result in many factors that impact a workplace including increased absenteeism, decreased productivity, poor workplace morale, breakdown of communication, increased risk of safety incidents and accidents and increased employee turnover.

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Rest & Restore Retreat

Join us in April 2024 for the ultimate vacation designed to help you focus on REST.

Small group, 5 star hotel experience.

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Yin Yoga (Virtual Classes)

Yin yoga is a form of yoga that focuses on stillness and holding poses over several minutes.  A perfect practice to reduce stress, lower anxiety and promote calm. 

Book a 4 week "intro to yin yoga" course for your workplace or join a Sunday evening class with Alison. 

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