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Mental Health First Aid Training Testimonials

Updated: Sep 19, 2022

"I attended virtual mental health first aid training with Alison last year and I was really happy I took the course! The content was interesting, practical and well laid out over a 2 day period. Alison was great at keeping us all engaged

I think that it’s important to be as equipped as possible to support loved ones, coworkers, employees, etc. in the event of a mental health emergency! I’ve thought back to the course in real life situations more than once." - Nicole Kielly RDH


"In a world of uncertainty and a major focus on mental health I knew I wanted to get the tools I needed to help our staff cope and to learn the indicators that may be someone reaching out for help.

Alison’s Mental Health First Aid course was just what I was looking for. It was not only very informative but a huge eye opener for me. I will be continuing to follow Alison and to enroll in her courses. I highly recommend Alison!" - Jennifer Clift


"Alison not only delivers a spectacular product but she is also a dynamic facilitator! The energy and enthusiasm she brings to these sessions will keep you engaged and help you to be more receptive of the information.

I recommend this training and Alison’s services 100%!" - Jennifer Whelan


"Alison is an exceptional teacher! I recently completed the Mental Health First Aid training with Alison and her team and was wowed by her ability to emphasize with and engage her students. Alison is open and relatable and her dedication to improving knowledge of mental health is evident during her lessons." - Jay Woodworth, PAg, EP


"Alison is an incredible speaker and trainer. She made the Mental Health First Aid course practical, relevant, and engaging with a lot of discussions and activities, infused with her own personal experience. I would highly recommend working with Alison for any mental health training!" - Krystal Hobbs


"I had the pleasure of learning about Mental Health First Aid from Alison this past February 2021. This was a informative course that every employer/employee should have to handle everyday situations in the office, out in the field, or in public. Alison was a positive leader, created a beautiful open space (even virtually!), and taught through experience with poise. Thank you Alison!" - Gillian Blackburn


"Alison Butler is an excellent Mental Heath First Aid educator. She kept the training relevant and was able to use her personal experience to really make the training interesting. We all know how prevalent and important mental health is, and with this training I feel more capable and qualified to focus on my mental health and the mental health of those around me." - Danny Reid

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