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Who Should Take Mental Health First Aid?

Who should take Mental Health First Aid?

I always say that this training is for "people who work with people". The more we are able to talk about mental health the better.

This is what I encourage you to use when considering training! If you answer "yes" to any of the following questions, then this training is for you!

Are you a leader or manager? Yes

Are you a business owner with employees? Yes

Do you have a service-based business where you work with clients/customers/patients? Yes

Are you interacting with members of the public? Yes

Do you offer a support role in your workplace? Yes

Are you a person within your workplace that people go to help/support? Yes

From my personal perspective as a Mental Health First Aid instructor, some of the key components of training are

(1) gaining a better understanding of #mentalhealth especially depression and anxiety (2) learning the signs that someone might be experiencing challenges

(3) learning practical tools for how to have a conversation with someone about how they are doing

(4) learning how to support someone in crisis.

Did you know you can take Mental Health First Aid virtually?

Join from the comfort of your home or office - it's engaging and interactive!

You can find my upcoming virtual courses here.


Hi, I'm Alison and welcome to the blog. Here I share tips, ideas and stories of mental and physical well being.

I have been a speaker and trainer for 16 years. I offer Mental Health First Aid in Canada and work with corporate and community groups to deliver training on mental well being, stress management, self-care and more!

Be sure to connect with me on IG @alisonbutlernl or on LinkedIn.

Mental Health First Aid is a certificate program offered through the Mental Health Commission of Canada.

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