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Burnout: How to build connection with your team.

Did you know that the US Surgeon General reports that loneliness is a serious mental health hazard?

Given my work in mental health and burnout, this is such an important topic for us to explore further in our workplaces and communities.

In fact, "findings show that loneliness is as bad as smoking and has profound effects on mental health, increasing the risks of heart disease, stroke and dementia."

Social connection significantly improves the health and well-being of all individuals

When I talk about burnout, I think it's important to talk about loneliness and lack of connection. Research is showing us that poor relationships at work or lack of community at work can be a root cause of burnout.

So how do we build connection and reduce loneliness at work?

I use a simple, practical group exercise as a starting point and I'm giving it to you as a resource to use in your own workplace!

Join the burnout prevention leadership list for tools & resources and I'll send you your group exercise worksheet within the next hour.

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