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Mental Health First Aid - Standard Virtual

Mental Health First Aid - Standard virtual training is a fantastic training option for many teams for a variety of reasons:

1. Access - you, or your team members can join from wherever you work without having to travel to an in-person course or wait for a course to be offered in your area.

2. Virtual training accommodates hybrid employees or groups with team members in multiple Provinces 

3. My team works hard to ensure that virtual training is engaging and interactive. The virtual course includes chat interaction, polls, discussion and group work! 

Watch this video for details

You can find upcoming virtual courses or receive email updates about upcoming courses using the links below.


Hi, I'm Alison and welcome to the blog.

I have been a speaker and trainer for 17 years. I offer Mental Health First Aid in Canada and work with workplaces to improve mental wellbeing and psychological safety and reduce stress and burnout.

Be sure to connect with me on IG @alisonbutlernl or on LinkedIn.

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