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5 Ways To Work With Me This Year

1.Mental Health First Aid

If you are a person who works with people, Mental Health First Aid is an important skill to have in your toolbox!

- Increase your awareness of mental health and well being

-Increase confidence to have conversations about mental health if you notice that someone is struggling.

- Increase confidence in how to support someone in crisis.

- Decrease stigma around mental health

Available in 3 formats:

Mental Health First Aid Standard (Face to Face)

Mental Health First Aid Standard (Virtual)

Mental Health First Aid Basic

2. Burnout Prevention Leadership Program

Designed for managers, team leaders, human resources professionals, safety professionals, employee wellness leaders and anyone looking to make a difference to the well being of their workplace. 

The first course in this program - Foundations - runs on February 29, 2024.

The Foundations course covers:

  • Understanding psychological safety in the workplace. 

  • Practical skills for taking psychological safety "off paper" and into practice at work. 

  • Know the warning signs of burnout, mental health challenges.

  • How to identify psychological safety "leaks" with your team and build skills for mental well being and burnout prevention. 

  • Skills for building trust with your team (in groups and 1-1).

3. Speaking

Alison is an experienced conference and workshop speaker. From conference keynotes to staff learning days, Alison can deliver an engaging session for your upcoming event.

4. 30 Days of Calm

A brand new, affordable, personal development course focused on reducing stress, overwhelm and anxiety. 

This self-paced virtual/online course is friendly for ALL levels of experience and focuses on gentle stretching, breath work and mind set with encouragement, support and accountability from Alison along the way to ensure your success.

5. Retreats

Rest and Restore retreats are a way to unwind from the hectic pace of your life, reduce stress and prevent burnout. 

The Costa Rica retreat in April 2024 is SOLD OUT but there are several more retreats planned for 2024-2025, including one in Nova Scotia, one in Newfoundland and Labrador and another international destination.

The best way to be "in the loop" on upcoming retreats is to join the retreat interest list. You'll be the first to get access to retreat sign ups and early sign-up discounts!

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